Sunday, 10 January 2016

Found the Most Perfect Accommodation in Bhopal
Since I was born in Bhopal, I feel a very special connection to the city. I was very young when we moved, and hence don’t remember much of the city at all. And so I have always been looking forward to visiting the place with my parents, but somehow nothing ever materialized. But when a work trip loomed up on the horizon, I knew that I had to take along my parents so that I could relive my past for a couple of days. They promised to show me around, where we used to live, where I took my first steps, where I uttered my first words and such.

Looking for Accommodation in Bhopal, I realized that there were quite a few options in front of me. But Sayaji Bhopal at once seemed like the best place for us. The hotel seemed grand, the rooms looked spacious and the amenities enthralled me to no end. The food, as I could see from the website, was multi cuisine and looked really appetizing. I am so looking forward to staying here; after all it is considered one of the best Luxury Hotels in Bhopal, and their tariffs are quite competitively priced. They believe in affordable luxury, and I think the trip will be a blast. The days I shall work in the branch office, and the evening I shall spend with my parents exploring the city to my heart’s content.


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