Thursday, 31 December 2015

Despite my Prejudice I Had a Great Time at One of the Luxury Hotels in Pune
Although I have always been reluctant to travel to Pune, since I have heard unpleasant stories about it, when my office had me visit there for a full week, I had no other option but to go. I was worried where I could put up without much hassle, and thus the office people got me reserved in one of the best Luxury Hotels in Pune. And boy, was it luxurious! Their façade itself was so impressive that it was all I could do to not gape with my mouth hanging open. I have read up about this chain of hotel, and have realized they are one of the fast rising and of course, the best hotel chains in the country.

They offer luxuries at discounted prices, and it makes me feel great to say that there cannot be any other better option in this small city. The staff were real helpful, and the check in was an absolute breeze. Among all the other Hotels in Hinjewadi Pune, this one served my purpose best, since they offered the closest proximity to my work place. I could almost walk to my office, though I chose not to.

The traffic in the city is so bad, that you might turn around and find yourself face to face with a truck. However, I had a lovely time at the hotel, and their food was something to write about for sure. What depth of flavors and what variation in the daily buffet. Lovely, I must say.


  1. The above hotel is really good but as per my experience hotel Orbett is also a Best hotel in pune and it has budget accommodation, nice rooms and restro and side by side it provides the pick up and drop facility from airport.

  2. The Sayaji hotel is really good but as per my experience hotel Orbett is one of the Best hotels in Pune which provides complete package of comfortable guest rooms, delicious food & beverages, courteous services.


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