Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sayaji one of the finest luxury hotels in Pune near the Railway Station

The quintessential traveller knows exactly what he needs, while he is on the path leading to his destination. Sayaji Hotels have created a chain of hotels that have adapted this philosophy and moulded it in accordance with luxury, comfort and style. There are many Hotels in Pune near Railway Station but none as elegant as Sayaji. The hotel offers two guest rooms and suites. Although the room sizes are different but they all provide facilities, in order to make each and every guest feel equally special (as the hotel does not differentiate when it comes to luxury).

Hotels in Pune near Railway Station
Their in-house dining has a wide selection of cuisines to choose from and if the choices start to get a little out of hand then there will be a personal butler at your service. If one is not in the mood for eating off the menu then one just has to let the chef know about their preference, and what one wishes for will be granted. As simple as that!

The hotel also has personalised secretarial services for all its business guests, in addition to lounges where one could hold a conference. The in room living space has also been designed in a way to accommodate meetings if you have any lined up. The hotel believes in giving its guests the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. It is a great place to stay for leisure seekers and also has a comprehensive environment for business travellers.


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