Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hotels in Wakad Pune Shower gracious Hospitality on Guests
Come sojourn at the banks of the serene flowing Mutha river in Maharashtra, on the shores of which rests the pulsating cosmopolitan city of Pune, the second largest city of the state after Mumbai, its magnificent capital, hospitable hotels in Wakad, Pune shower guests with a melange of luxurious global living, dining, conference and opulent banquet facilities, assuring them of an enhanced stay.

Following the unique concept of nine-hotels-in-one, such luxurious hotels in Wakad, Pune are spread over nine floors, with each floor having a unique theme and its own reception, staff, gym and other exclusive features, as well as its own manager to meticulously oversee your every need.

From exclusive silken sheets covering your spacious king-sized bed and lavish seven-course meals to pamper your taste-buds with gastronomic delights, to global choices of your own particular cuisine, magazines and periodicals in your native language, in case you happen to be one of European guests and staying on the German floor, hospitality covers it all with fulsome finesse in accommodation in Pune.

Amazing Accommodation in Pune consists of the grande rooms and grande suites with uber-luxurious amenities. With every lavish suite a blend of stylish sophistication and convenience, from four feature washrooms with premium toiletries to luxurious bedding with silken cushions, duvets, pillows, ergonomic workstations with laptop, wall-mounted television and much more, a stylish living room with and a large television to enjoy your favourite game, lavish furniture and a massage chair, that you feel like royalty.

The more compact rooms  are designed with a special living room or annexe where you can conduct your business discussions and other important meetings in complete privacy. Let hotels in Wakad, Pune pamper you to the fullest.

Few of the attractions of the Hotels in Wakad Pune are mentioned below:
●    The seven-course meals and the silk sheets on your bed. We like to serve your tea in the morning as per your preference.
●     From making sure you get your morning paper to updating you with the latest cricket score, you can trust that your butler will take care of all your whims and fancies.


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