Friday, 27 May 2016

Join forces with me for a rollercoaster ride of hotels in Kolhapur near railway station

I am a photographer by profession and a true foodie by heart. When I am not shooting with good looking models, I use my hard earned money to travel and share my reviews of restaurants and food outlets online. I also do double up as an upcoming wordsmith but this write up is not about my career but Hotels in Kolhapur near railway station. I hail from a family which loves to explore new places and eating joints and I am glad that I inherited this incredible trait from my ancestors.

I was longing for long time to break the monotony and plan a trip to Kolhapur, the city of food lovers. It is not often that you travel to a new city and find a suitable accommodation every time. But to my luck I found this beautiful accommodation online. Sayaji Kolhapur is one of the most popular hotels situated right near to the railway station which makes it very convenient for the guests to reach.

About the food part, it really took me by surprise that an in-house restaurant could offer such mouth-watering delicacies. While staying with Sayaji Kolhapur, you wouldn’t have to look for Restaurants in Kolhapur anywhere else. You can choose from a wide selection of food items. The best part is that every food item tastes unique and they serve you with simile. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to all the food enthusiasts out there.

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