Wednesday, 10 February 2016

All About a Grand Stay at One of the Best Kolhapur Hotels
Kolhapur is a foodie paradise, and a heaven for those in love with non vegetarian items. I never miss out on a chance to go visit the city. It also helps that one of my favorite hotels in the country is in Kolhapur. Sayaji Kolhapur has seen me visit so many times, that they now know all my preferences. They treat me as part of the family, and I love that.

They ensure I have the rooms I like, the toiletries are provided, the room temperature has been arranged to be well below 20 degrees, and so on. They also put in fresh flowers every day, since they know how much I love fresh flowers and their scent. Their food is to die for, and maybe this is part of the reason that it is considered one of the best and most popular Kolhapur Hotels. Any given day, you are likely to find a horde of locals as well as tourists here, tucking into the delicious meals offered by any of the restaurants that the hotel houses.

Done forget, whenever you are looking for Accommodation in Kolhapur, the best place to put up at, for a completely relaxing sojourn, would be Sayaji Kolhapur, without a doubt. And make sure you have made your bookings in advance, since this is a popular hotel and in case you drop in unannounced they might not be able to accommodate you. Or you might end up not getting to stay in the room category that you wanted.

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