Saturday, 17 October 2015

Hospitable Hotels in Kolhapur near Railway Station Welcome Guests

Walk down the labyrinthine alleys of the erstwhile princely state of Kolhapur, a city in the Panchganga River Basin in the wonderful western state of Maharashtra and let the echoes of the nineteen gun salute echo in your mind! Once ruled by the Bhosale Chhatrapati or royal clan of the Maratha Empire, this ancient city of the Devi-Bhagwata Purana is today a roaring industrial city, a textile manufacturing sector and a flourishing tourism hub. Predictably welcoming a diverse deluge of visitors, hospitable Hotels in Kolhapur near Railway Station provide gracious hospitality.

Hotels in Kolhapur for the savvy and the sophisticate, the genial and the generous businessman, the affable leisure tourist out for a bonding cultural yatra with his family, are endowed with munificent facilities.

With an architectural magnificence designed to transport you straight into the mindsets of modern maharajas, it woos the inveterate traveller with umber-luxurious, lavishly furnished and richly endowed with global privileges, accommodation in the range of deliciously air-conditioned single and double Executive rooms, Grande rooms where grandeur combines with contemporary functionality to provide bliss and, of course the opulent Grande suite epitomizing the acme of luxury. With designer carpets and gorgeous velvet upholstered sofas and armchair, classy duvets on inviting beds and en-suite washroom with designer toiletries, you have surely arrived at a royal abode!

When you stay in such plush Hotels in Kolhapur and conveniently accessible Hotels in Kolhapur near Railway Station with complimentary facilities  like a lavish buffet breakfast, use of  Internet/Wi-Fi, tea/coffee maker and delicious cookies, Welcome drink and individual floor receptions, fine-dining and banquet facilities, life is a dream!


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