Friday, 4 September 2015

Savor Irresistible Flavors from Faraway Lands at Hotels in Bhopal

Hotels in Bhopal

Sayaji Hotel, Bhopal celebrates the legacy of distinction in the hospitality industry. The brand name inter-knits the most cherished moments, carnival times and the best experiences. Sprawling through a whopping area of 6 acres, wrapped by luxuriant greenery, the hotel is an ideal accommodation choice for business delegates as well as holidaymakers. Ensuring a comfort extravaganza to its guests, the hotel is among the best Hotels in Bhopal and enriches their stay with irresistible delicacies at its in-house restaurants. Creativity and unimpeachable preparations fill their platter with scrumptious culinary fare and they are left with the craving to have some more, and then more and more. as the hotel is set in an opulent and traditional atmosphere, the restaurants also meet the incredible aesthetic taste of décor. So, the settings of these restaurants add to the delight of savoring your favorite cuisines at this hotel. Foodies are presented with a delicious wave of aroma that reaches them before the platter reaches their table and tempt them to munch from the vast variety of succulent treats. At Kebabsville, you can treat your taste buds to juicy and melt-in-the-mouth kebabs. A buffet dinner that follows, makes your dining experience all the more delightful. You can also take pleasure in the live grill experience here. Visit Sanchi to relish age-old and authentic culinary delights from India, Europe and China. At these most sought after Restaurants in Bhopal, you can savor a gourmet experience at its best.


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