Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Hotels In Hinjewadi Pune Reflect City’s Cosmopolitan Charm

An intriguing past and a promising future lend Pune a mystical identity, matched by none in the country.  The cosmopolitan city boasts of many educational and research institutions that has made it as famous as the Oxford of India. The city is also home to many hotels that take best care of their guests and pamper them with an ever so memorable experience. These hotels are spread all over the city, including Hinjewadi- a locality now treated as the IT village of Pune.

Among the various Hotels in Hinjewadi Pune, Sayaji Hotel Pune has been notable for its warm hospitality and top amenities. The very foundation of Sayaji is based on genuine care. The hotel believes that care comes with deeper insight, by knowing the needs and requirements of the guests and addressing them aptly.

hotels in Hinjewadi Pune
One of the popular Hotels in pune near railway Station, Sayaji Pune is spread over nine floors, with each floor being a hotel in its own right. Every floor has a unique theme and its own reception, staff, gym and other exclusive features. If you’re one of our many European guests, you’ll find yourself on our special European floor, with staff that can take care of your requirements; food to adhere to your taste buds and even newspapers and magazines from your continent.

In addition, every floor has a separate manager that makes sure you get what you need without even having to ask for it. The objective behind this is that you don’t just remember your floor and room but also the people who looked after you and made you feel right at home. So, don’t miss this unique experience when you visit the city next.

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